As a Breast Cancer, Surviour I know that we are not defined by our illness we have physical, mental and emotional needs to process. Sound helped me during my treatment and continues to every day of my life.  As a sound therapist, I am privileged to help people with illnesses, life-limiting beliefs 

and much more with sound baths and 1:2:1 treatment.

Sonja Gundry

October 2018 

Elizabeth Hurley came to Breast Cancer Haven Titchfield to bring awareness to the charity  she has been involved with Estee Lauder in the research of breast cancer for 30 years in which they are looking at cortisol levels in the body and how to reduce this at times of stress  

I was privileged to have her visit my sound bath session


Sound Therapy at Breast Cancer Haven Wessex 

So I am delighted to be giving my first Sound bath session at Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex. 

You don’t have to have a breast cancer diagnosis to be able to attend this session.


Booking is required, please contact the front desk team at Breast Cancer Haven on 01329 559290.

About Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Haven is the charity that supports women through their breast cancer treatment. When breast cancer tries to rob a woman of her individuality, her confidence or her strength, we provide the tailored package of emotional, physical and practical support that helps her hold on to them. We support women and their families via a network of six welcoming centres around the UK and through

an expanding network of other services.

We're there to provide women with breast cancer the support that treatment alone can't. We offer advice on practical things like money and work, help combatting stress, exhaustion and nausea, advice on healthy eating and exercise. And above all, there will always be someone to talk to about your deepest fears.

Our trained professional nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers listen to your individual concerns and give you all the practical, emotional and physical support 

you need in a tailor-made package.

Our support is free of charge and available in our beautiful Breast Cancer Haven centres – which are as far away from a hospital environment as you can imagine.

To find out more about Breast Cancer Haven please click on the link below:


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​Elizabeth Hurley supporting therapies and research for Breast Cancer at 

​Breast Cancer Haven Wessex

On the Gongs Sonja Gundry  

with Marian Parfitt & Elizabeth Hurley 

“At Breast Cancer Wessex 

Elizabeth Hurley & A Passionate Sound Practitioner  'me'

Men get Breast Cancer too 

Listen to Glenn Coopers 

story on 

Radio Solent  Julian Cleggs 


Thank you for talking about it 

with Marian Parfitt Breast Cancer Haven Titchfield Manager 

You can hear it online at at 1:10:10